Let Us Leave this One Untitled!


Let us no write about anything in particular. Let us leave this page untitled. For once in our lives, let us not run after a specific boundary we need to right inside of. We have so many things to talk, things that might not be connected to each other, and that is why we assume that we might not write them in a single essay.

Today I write everything. My fear and my happiness in the same story, on the same page, not demarcated by headings and titles. Just pure, simple writing. With fingers moving on the keyboard, trying to make a tune out of it. And lips reciting whatever it is I write, before I even write it.

Let us talk about love and hate and school and nature and anxiety and dogs, all at once. Why pick one word or one sentence and spend the rest of an hour exaggerating it when we have so much more to write about?

Why do we even pay attention to what the reader wants to read? Once in a while, shouldn’t we write everything that we want to? We need to focus more on our satisfaction. Is the document in front of me enough to help me sleep in the night, or will I be haunted by everything that I couldn’t write, right when I wanted to.

It is a funny business, to write something. I have no idea as to what I am writing, I don’t know if you understand it either. But I know that I like how these words are not preceded by a title, and that I can pour my heart out, without thinking too much.


Writer’s Block


Words escape.

One moment they are at the back
Of our minds-

Like heartbreaking stanzas of a eulogy,
Or the lyrics of an unrequited love song.
Like the strokes of paint on a painfully
White canvas.

And in the other moment
They just disappear.

Writer’s block is actually a warning.
Preventing us from uttering the right words ,At the wrong time.

Beautiful words, But the wrong time.

Because the beauty
Of the poems you wrote for them,
Won’t stop them from leaving you.

It is better the poems disappear,
The songs lose their inspiration,
Or the canvas catches fire.

It is better the words escape,
Than being used in a beautiful piece of art,
Dedicated to someone,
Who will just walk all over it.

Smiti Mehrotra

The Beauty that is to be Kind



When you decide to be kind to people, you have already given a statement of your strength and equilibrium. Not everyone might look like you, not everyone might look the same, but it is our moral duty to not pay heed as to how the particular person looks. There is so much beauty and positivity around us, that we can survive for aeons to come and still be left with a fair share of it. We just have to let that positivity and optimism sink in our souls.

We really don’t have to work very hard, in order to be just and kind with people. Well, practically we don’t even have to work. It is just something that we should do. Like breathe or eat or sleep. Just be kind. Treat people like you would want yourself to be treated. Teach people around you that an individual’s feelings, are a part of their anatomy, and violating them is wrong, like violating someone’s body is. It might not leave a palpable wound or a scar, but that is what makes it even riskier. You might never know the damage that you are inflicting. And what you deal with, are the consequences. You deal with them directly. Without any notice, or warning, and they might be just as fatal to you, as they have been to the person who went through the ordeal you put them through. Because believe me, the guilt of holding someone’s destruction on your head is not the kind of burden you will want to carry.

Be kind, for them, because they deserve to feel loved, regardless of their body structure, their race, their sexuality or economic status. Be kind for the world, because you are giving it something which helps it thrive. Be kind, for yourself, because that is your salvation.



You are a miracle,

Your magic catastrophic,

Like an avalanche,

It slips out of your fisted hands.

Your skin is blanched,

Your lips layers of crimson,

And your blood the colour violet,

Like that of lightning.

You are the goddess,

Of dwimmer.

An enchantress of illusion,



You are


Smiti Mehrotra

Sunshine Blogger Award


Thank you      dreamydamselblog.wordpress.com              for nominating me for The Sunshine Blog Award.

I am really overwhelmed.



My Answers-


  • what you u will you chose among the three: Love, money ,power

I will choose Love.
(2) Do believe in making compromises or fighting for what you what

I will never compromise with my way of living. I won’t go down without a fight.
(3) Do believe in Karma

Yes I do. You sow what you reap and you have to give answers to all your sins in your lifetime. There is no escape.
(4) one thing without which you cannot survive ( don’t say air water and all)

The few people I love. I am terrified of losing them. It tends to make me a little jealous and possessive and crazy sometimes though.
(5)What’s the most important quality you want in your partner

He must be a person who believes in equality. If he believes in gender roles or superiority of one gender, or race, or religion,  or sexuality above the others, I don’t want him.
(6) Why do you blog?

I have always had a passion for writing. Blogging makes feel more awakened and connected with the world.
(7) One secret u haven’t disclosed yet.

I don’t really do secrets. Nothing that scandalous has happened to me yet.
(8) Dream Destination

I would love to go on an island. I love the ocean.
(9)Your go to person

My mother.
(1o)One annoying habit of yours.

Biting my nails.




These are the set of my questions.

  1. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  2. What is your biggest fear?
  3. What is your favorite genre in books?
  4. If you can use only one word to describe yourself, what would it be?
  5. Have you ever spread a rumor about anyone?
  6. Has a rumor ever been spread about you? What was it?
  7. What is the one thing about you that you desperately want to change?
  8. What are the qualities that you observe in a person if you want them to be your friend?
  9. Name something that irritates you.
  10. Your role model.




I nominate-





Falling in Love or Falling to your death?




It’s scary.

Falling- It is fucking terrifying.


One moment you are on the edge, and before you even know,

You are going down.


You don’t know the velocity with which you are falling,

Or the time or the distance. You just know that you have messed up really bad.


You have fallen for someone who might not be ready to fall as hard or as much for you.

Maybe he loves his bones too much; maybe he loves himself more than you love yourself.


But it is for the best, because that way he will teach you a lesson.


You might still hit the concrete with full force. You might lie there bleeding.

But in that moment you will thank him nevertheless, for because of him-

Your first thought will be cleaning your wound, and thinking about your recovery.

Rather than slowly dying, hoping that he would turn up and help you.


He will teach you self reliance. He is almost Gandhi, if you think about it.


He will at least make you realize,

That the only person who has your back after a mighty fall-

Is yourself.


Smiti Mehrotra





Is India Ready for Democracy?

Is India ready for democracy? This sounds like a very baseless question right? I know. Everybody knows that Democracy is the best thing that we have today. Wait let me rephrase that, We have not discovered anything better than democracy. Yet!

We have a wide gamut of cultures residing in India. This has been one of the arguments in the favor of democracy in India. It is important that we segregate these cultures and these people. But you see the problem is that people in this country are Rajputs, Punjabis, Tamilians, Hindus and Muslims, but they are not Indians. They will proudly defend their cultures and their people.

But why do they even think that they require protection from fellow Indians? It is because they do not recognize themselves or people around them with their country. They are not Indians. They are other things first.

In the midst of the Padmavat Row, Rajputs and the Hindu supremacist groups were ready to “Burn India down”, and this I say verbatim, if the movie were released. Is that all you are? Is your country nothing to you, is it so worthless that you will burn it down?

I know, up until now the basis of my question seems unrecognizable. I am getting to the point now. In order to ensure the safety of the artistic freedom of artists all over India, the SC, ordered the state governments to ensure the release of the film. But the film was still not released in these states. People decided to overrule the Supreme Court’s decision, thus showing us another non-democratic facet. It was also infuriating, that the right to watch a film was taken away from the people who actually wanted to see it. I don’t know about you, but this seems like censorship to me, which is, again, non-democratic.

India, as we know it, is a cesspool of corruption, illiteracy and power applied in the wrong direction.   The way the anarchist government functions here, clearly shows that we are still not evolved enough to understand what a democracy actually is. It is 2018 but India is still trapped in some long departed era, where the rich is the monarch and the poor- the peasants. Equality and fraternity are not the guiding forces here, unjustifiably divided power is, which kind of disclaims the very foundation of democracy.

What I write should not be confused with me being against democracy. I know democracy is the only viable kind of government we know about, but the problem is, India seems a little incompetent in making it function the way it should. Maybe we need a lot of reforms, to make the Indian democracy more than a political game.

One should also not feel that just because I keep rambling about my country, means that I am not proud or thankful to it. But if we do not diagnose the problem, how can we even think about generating a cure. And the cure comes from within.